Thursday, 2 June 2011

~Laugh But Learn..^^~

Assalamualaikum..hehehe..malam nie sy nk kongsi ckit psanan2 yg mat salleh nk kite blajar..gelak2 gak,tp pngajaran tu jgn lupe kutip..kite enjoy..^^

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laugh and learn...
lessons will make you think for sure...

model on the catwalk , turn , smile , then ...
lesson- keep walking, whatever happens in front of you..

the worst pretender ever ...sibodo!
lesson - express yourself.. even if you are late to do so..

this kid has potential in gymnastics
lesson - study something new from each mis-takes

cat with bad eye-sight
lesson - keep your eyes open, even when you are sad, happy or tensed

this guy is cool ... but bad luck too...
lesson - never believe that you can rely on something for a long time..

ka me ha me haaaaa!!!!
lesson - never underestimate your power

brazil vs argentina , hahaha..sengal..
lesson - one cannot play tricks on someone for a long time..

wachaaa!!!! scissor legs ...
lesson- do your best, if you are attacking, or being attacked

Woohooo! murder on the dance floor ??
lesson - concentrate more when you require more energy..

don't run on jogging machine when ur wearing jeans
lesson- do not try to hold on something which can change anytime..

Ouch!! this must be painful !!
Lesson - Do not a do a thing, without thinking..

Renung2kan dan Selamat Beramal...^^

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