Friday, 24 June 2011

~People in This World So Amazing..!~ i want to talk about the variety of human in this world.but first, i'm so sorry for my broken English. i'm not used to write the entry in English, but i still want to try..hee..

Well, the are many type of human in our world. there are the fatty,thinny, tall,short,pretty,ugly and many more. But we must remember that we share the One and Only,Allah S.W.T..hee..
But there are some people that has given a special abilities or...urmm,anugerah..(kantoi.hee..)
You dont believe what i'm saying?ok,just let the pictures talk..^^

the hairy person


wow,beautiful eyes..wonderful..!

rubber man..he can be a superhero..^^ komen..=.="

So people,We must remeber this.."Bersyukur dengan ape yang kita ada..Gunakan kelebihan yg ada tu sebaiknye..^^"

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